With funding by Tata Global Beverages, teapigs was launched in 2006 by self-confessed tea enthusiasts, Louise Cheadle and Nick Kilby. Their aim was to get the UK drinking better quality tea and introduce a brand that was more relevant to 21st century tea drinkers. The duo successfully launched their tea temples, essentially a roomy, biodegradable pyramid mesh bag containing high quality, whole leaf tea into the UK market.

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Teapigs is now the leading super-premium brand of tea in the UK with distribution in thousands of independent quality food stores, coffee bars, restaurants, pubs, hotels and more recently major supermarkets. The brand also has a significant ecommerce business and a strong presence with social media. The company based in Brentford, West London employs over 20 tea obsessed staff and have opened an office in Brooklyn to further drive sales in the rapidly expanding quality tea market in the USA. It also sells to over 30 countries worldwide including Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Russia, Norway, Sweden and France.

The teapigs range of tea temples has grown to 28 varieties of teas and herbal infusions. The brand also launched matcha in the UK in 2008 and more recently introduced ready-to-drink matcha juice drinks into the UK and USA markets.


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