Tata Global Beverages adds a new tea to its Tata Tea portfolio ‘Fusion’

26 Nov, 2015

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Tata Global Beverages, the second largest player in the world in the branded tea category, today announced the launch of a new brand under its Tata Tea portfolio - Tata Tea Fusion. After leading the leaf, dust and green tea markets in India for many years, for the first time, Tata Tea is now offering the new and delightful experience of premium black tea through Fusion. For the first time in India, thanks to Fusion, tea lovers will get to prepare and enjoy their tea the way they want it. They have the option of blending the Superior Assam Tea with taste enhancers – Kenyan tea and Green Tea to create a customized brew that is unique to each individual.  

Featuring a dual-pouched innovative pack and jar, Tata Tea Fusion is available in two variants - Superior Assam & Green Tea and Superior Assam & Kenyan Tea. The first of its kind to come in an exclusive compartmentalized packaging with a dual storage facility, which can store two different types of tea in a single pack, preserving the freshness of each. Backed by strong consumer insight, Tata Tea has hand-crafted Fusion to create an unmatched experience in tea drinking. The Superior Assam Tea lends its characteristic freshness, being proficient enough to create that perfect cup of steaming goodness that can be an everyday delight. However, the true essence of innovation in Tata Tea Fusion lies in the two enhancers- Green & Kenyan Tea that can help create a ‘magical beverage moment’ on those extra special occasions. The Kenyan Tea, a first-timer in the Indian market, gives a gorgeous golden glow while, the Green Tea adds on a dose of wellness. Make the Assam tea on its own or create an extraordinary blend for a special day- with Fusion one can always create their own ‘Signature Brew’.

Says, Mr. Rishi Chadha, Head Marketing – Tata Tea, “Tata Tea Fusion is a testimony of Consumer Centricity that is at the core of all our endeavors at Tata Tea. Fusion is the result of extensive market surveys that have provided us with the insight of creating tea which can be customized as per the consumers’ liking.  It is a product that caters to the consumers who are open to experimentation while not compromising on the tea quality. Apart from featuring our superlative Assam Tea which has continued to be a market champion, Green & Kenyan are the best of the selections that brings quality & taste together. We are sure Fusion will be well appreciated by the consumers”.

Tata Tea Fusion is available in 250g jars which is priced at Rs 125 per unit & 250g packs is Rs 122 per unit in North & East of India and Rs.115 per unit in West & South.

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