Three New Functional Teas from Tetley

18 Apr, 2016

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Continuing its drive into functional teas, Tetley in UK is launching three new Tetley Super Green Teas extending the functional benefits of the range to feature European Food Standards Agency-approved health claims relating to heart health, detox and beauty.

The new SKUs include:

Tetley Super Green Tea Heart
Green tea with forest fruits and added vitamin B1 to help support the body’s cell function and circulation for a healthy heart.

Tetley Super Green Tea Detox
Green tea with mint and a popular detoxing supplement Selenium.

Tetley Super Green Tea Beauty
Green tea with apple and cucumber with added vitamin B7 to help maintain a healthy complexion and activate hair follicles and nail cells.

The momentum behind Super Green Tea has enabled Tetley in UK to grow value share by 28% year on year. With Boost and Immune doing exceptionally well, it was important to extend the range to include other popular health benefits which are appealing to younger consumers who have been turning away from tea. The wide range of benefits offered in this range now gives consumers an added reason to drink green tea.

"The focus on healthier lifestyles has created a really positive market for this range," says Andrew Pearl, Director of Customer and Shopper Marketing.
"Distribution has grown and sales have been strong. The functional benefits have really appealed to shoppers and repeat rates of purchase have been high with many of those buying new to tea, so good for retailers and good for the category as a whole."

The range has achieved £1.2m sales in just over a year and has had one of the highest repeat purchase rates of any NPD, nearly 28% of buyers are completely new to tea.

In addition the superior taste of the natural flavours used has been rewarded with a 2015 Great Taste Award for the Lime variant of Tetley Super Green Tea – Boost. The range has been voted 2016 Product of The Year* by consumers, in the largest award for innovation voted for by consumers.

The success of the range has contributed to Tetley’s advancement in the green category as a whole and Tetley is now the second largest brand in green tea. Volume sales of Tetley green teas are up 3.2% year on year and value sales up 1.4%, outperforming the number 1 brand in green on both counts (AC Neilsen Mat to 30.1.16).

Tetley’s commitment to its new range of Super Green teas is demonstrated by the heavy weight £3m marketing spend it has committed to support the range this year including television, print and poster advertising; sampling and online activity.

* Product of the Year 2016, winners of the Green Tea Category Consumer Survey of Product Innovation, 11,586 people were surveyed by TNS.

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